Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Haber Family

Tricia & Jeff lead a full life between their kids and their businesses.
In January, Tricia Haber started a fifth office for Rhodes Securities, “Haber Wealth Management”. With over 20 years advising clients through financial decisions, she offers financial strategies to clients, with concentrations among executives, physicians, business owners and women.
Jeff Clifton founded Fire Department International in 2005. His company is known for customized fire fighting equipment and training. They have trained fire fighters across the U.S. & overseas from Russia to Dubai for some of the world’s largest oil companies.
Their pride is their five kids. Leanne graduated from TCU in 2009. Her family lives in Glen Rose. Stephanie is a senior at LSU and will graduate in December with a Business Management Degree. Kyle & Shay live in Granbury. He is attending college for a computer science engineering degree.
Carter is a senior at Aledo High School and plans a degree in Robotic Engineering. To round off the bunch is Corbin, a spunky 6th grader that loves fishing.

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