Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Forrest Family

Jason and Shelly, pictured with their 6 year old daughter Mary Jane that loves signing and dance, and 7 year old son Saunders that enjoys inventing. They are students at the Fort Worth Academy. Jason and Shelly have been married for fourteen years and reside here in Fort Worth. Jason graduated from TCU with a degree in psychology, and a MBA in marketing. Shelly is currently part of TCU’s Alumni Board, private yoga instructor, and captain of the tennis team for Colonial Country Club. Jason is a visionary, author and leadership speaker, member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, Fort Worth Chapter. As the CEO of FPG.com, he is an expert at creating transformational coaching and training programs that unleashes human performance to increase business profits. He is the chairman of the acclaimed National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group. The Forrest family follows a set of 7 virtues that they try to live by in everyday life: perseverance, fortitude, charisma, purpose, gratitude, personal power, and curiosity.

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